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The name is Dada (in French little horse, hobby-horse) and the passion likewise.
I am an interdisciplinary artist working on the topic horse.

dADa Arts works in various categories and styles of fine horse art. The horse is myth, longing, tradition and lifestyle. These are values of your own lifestyle or / and corporate identity? Let us inspire you and create something unique.

Your passion is horse and what is your style?
Art is as personal and individual as your clothes, the scent of your perfume, the way you spend your holidays, and your own home.

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what they said

“ You can do anything you dream of. Believe in miracles and rejoice in everything you can do. Even if it sometimes doesn't work the first time. The most important thing is mutual trust and fun working together. ”

- Beatrice S. designer

“ The greatness of the horses brought on canvas. ”

- Ramona N. Horsewoman

“ Dear Daniela, your pictures are not just horse pictures as you can see them everywhere. You breathe character, feeling, uniqueness and personality into your being in your paintings. Images that will stay in your memory. ”

- Claudia L. jewelry dealer

“ dADa-Arts is incredibly fascinating. See the world through the eyes of the painter and it won't let you go. ”

- Pascal K. children educator

“ dADa-Arts: fascination with art, calm and power in every picture. ”

- Franziska D. tax consultant

“ At Roßner dADa-Arts, photo-realism can be experienced in astonishing perfection. When looking at Daniela Roßner's fascinating paintings full of depth, meticulous attention to detail and liveliness, you can see the great passion of the painter. ”

- Nico W. business owner

“ Expressive pictures. ”

- Sergej I. businessman

“ "The art of dADa Arts is unique, full of attention to detail." ”

- Barbara R. Graduated in business administration

“ "An interesting way to see horses. A really exciting combination of art and realism." ”

- Michele M. businesswoman

“ Whoever has such a gift is obliged to live it. Color comes to life under Daniela's brush. She speaks the color of the heart. ”

- Binia Zuber mental Coach & training providers

“ "This is world class art. Have you been inspired by Dali?" ”

- Richard S. veterinarian

“ "Beautiful art work" ”

- Robert B. architect