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about me

My name is Dada (in French little horse, hobby-horse) and my passion likewise.
I am an interdisciplinary artist working on the topic horse.

For me, the horse is more than a beautiful creature. The sublime, proud appearance in its gentleness and powerful dynamics wants to be painted. I regard the horse as a fabulous carrier with rich symbolic content.
The horse is a magnet for enthusiasm – worldwide.

The career of the artist is based on the studies in the following courses of studies at Marburg university: history of art, graphic & painting and literature & media in which it acquired knowledge in the visual and verbal expression.

This was followed by six years of best training with Dieter Schiele, renowned hunting and horse painter.

Dada has concentrated on the classic oil painting in the old master oil technique. Her works are characterized by richness of detail, delicacy and dynamic contrasting in high-quality painting technique. The thematic main emphasis of Dada is noticeable  the horse which accompanies it already for childhood days.


“The body of the horse in its movement and stature, the expression in the look and figure tells stories – poetry in color. It is my target to unite workmanship as perfect as possible of the old masterly oil painting in glaze technology and artistic intention.“